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  1. Day 10 - I am slow to change

    I'm laughing at myself today. I spent the weekend indulging with my girlfriend. Mostly I overate, but one day I did have sugary stuff. Several times.

    I'm still taking probiotics, but I'm not feeling any better. My tummy still feels bad. Makes me tense, and I usually deal with tension by eating, which made my tummy feel worse when I ate something that didn't agree with me.

    But I found some good stuff too, on Friday night when we went out. Like a Michelada, which was ...
  2. FBF for Maintenance

    Note: There will be no dramatic testimonial of incredible fat loss in this post. What I have learned or benefited from the FBF program is my personal journey and another step towards learning how to eat for my new body. I am not expecting anyone to get excited with a testimonial of how much more “betterer”they will feel after trying a new program.

    First, my fitness profile at the time of starting FBF – I just wanted to say that I was already very lean when FBF was introduced in April. ...

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  3. Day 4 - Nailing down what is messing with me

    Tummy doing a little better today. I've been taking my probiotics. For the last couple days I have been waiting to eat until I'm genuinely empty, which is when my tummy is least upset. And I'm doing a sort of elimination diet in combination with the Week 1 food plan. I'm just eating a few bites of a single food and waiting to see what happens.

    Foods that are bothering me:
    Spicy foods
    Tomatoes in any form
    Unripe melon
    Dark ...

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  4. Day 2 - a rocky start, but...

    This morning I woke up feeling just fine. Took my probiotics and drank lots of water. I thought I'd avoid breakfast as long as possible, but by 9:30 I started to feel hungry. I decided to make my cantaloupe kefir smoothie, since my tummy really liked that last night. My tummy seems to be quite fickle today. About 15 minutes after I drank the smoothie, my tummy was in terrible knots. I drank water, avoided coffee, and basically decided to not eat the rest of the day.

    But by 1:30, I ...
  5. Started FBF today

    Okay, I'll blog about the next 12 weeks here...

    I didn't weigh myself this morning, mostly because I ate terribly last night. My tummy is paying me back for that today.

    Woke up at 5:45 a.m. Drank 2 servings of water and took my probiotics that I normally take.

    At 8:30, I made myself a breakfast of pasture-raised chicken eggs cooked in cultured butter. I also had a double-shot Nespresso.

    It's now nearly 11 and my tummy is feeling torn up ...
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